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Exacta  2010 

Simula o do campo elétrico e magnético de um canal i nico utilizando o software FEMM

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This work presents a simulation study of the behavior of electric and magnetic fields on calcium ion channels through a simple model. The study considers a situation of resting potential at the ion channel, involving computer simulations, using the software Finite Element Method Magnetics (FEMM), which calculates these fields by finite element technique. On these simulations we can see how these fields behave along the channels, and from that understand better its normal and pathological behavior in the future. From these simulations it was concluded that the electric field is approximately constant along the channel, with a magnitude of at about 107[volts/meter], while the electrical potential varied linearly with the height. In terms of the magnetic field, it grows exponentially in the radial direction until the end of the pore, reaching its maximum (about 4.10-9[tesla]), and decreases rapidly from this point.


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