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Graphic representation of a triaxial ellipsoid by means of a sphere in general collinear spaces

DOI: 10.2298/fuace1102269k

Keywords: general collinear spaces , the absolute conic , sphere , triaxial ellipsoid

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For graphic representation of the projective creations, such as the quadrics (II degree surfaces) in projective, general collinear spaces, it is necessary to firstly determine the characteristic parameters, such as: vanishing planes, axes and centers of space. An absolute conic of a space is an imaginary conic, residing in the infinitely distant plane of that space. The common elements of the absolute conic and infinitely distant conic of a quadric in the infinitely distant plane of that space are the autopolar triangle and two double straight lines which are always real and it is necessary to use the common elements of their associated pair of conics in the vanishing plane of the associated space. The quadric axes are passing through the apices of the autopolar triangle, and they are important for graphic representation of the quadrics. In order to map a sphere in the first space into the triaxial ellipsoid in the second space, it is necessary to select a sphere so that its center is not on the axis of that space and that it intersects the vanishing plane of the second space along the imaginary circumference, which is in general position with the figure of the absolute conic of the second space (the associated pair of conics in the vanishing plane).


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