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The Fe-C alloy obtained by mechanical alloying and sintering

Keywords: Nanomaterials , Mechanical alloying , Sintering , Iron-carbon alloy

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Purpose: The main aim of this work was to determine structure and properties massive Fe-C materials obtainedby mechanical alloying and sintering.Design/methodology/approach: The results of experiments on the fabrication of powders materials and solidmaterials using pure iron and graphite powders are presented. The powders of the Fe-C alloys obtained bymechanical alloying method and after that the powders were sintering. The sintering process was conducted byusing the impulse-plasma method. In this article the usability of mechanical alloying method and sintering toproduce the massive materials were presented.Findings: The laboratory tests show that, by using the mechanical alloying method, one can produce powderof Fe-6.67% mass.C alloy with intentional chemical constitution and desirable structure. The structure of thematerials is homogeneous and fine-grained and inside the materials didn’t find some impurities and undesirablephases. The sintering by using the impulse-plasma method makes the sinters with close to theoretical densitywith non-variable nanocrystaline microstructure possible. The hardness of the sinters was 1300 HV.Research limitations/implications: The mechanical alloying method is one of the techniques which enablesto improve property of Fe-C alloys. It is possible by refinement of structure and modification of phasescomposition. Nanocrystaline size of grain is advisable to make it in correct technology of producing massivematerials with nanocrystaline structure. All of the presented experiments in this article are conducted on alaboratory scale. At the present time, all over the world, the mechanical alloying and the sintering processes ofnanocrystaline materials are only just in the laboratory scientific research. In the nearest future the producing ofnanomaterials will take place not only in the laboratory and move to the industry.Originality/value: The nanomaterials have an unusual mechanical, physical and chemical properties.


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