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Application of solar roof shallow pool at individual residental buildings

DOI: 10.2298/fuace1103433g

Keywords: solar architecture , roof shallow pool , water pool , thermal battery , prefabricated roof pool

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The paper discusses the possibility of applying shallow roof pools of water on the basis of passive solar water capture functioning as thermal batteries and thermal "regulators" in a "hot - cold" mode with individual residential buildings. With this application, the utilization of the existing functionality of the building roof area would improve and open up the possibility of achieving better overall bio-climate individual object. By using this system, a flat roof impassable "terrace" takes on a new, additional energy function, which proves the ability to reduce overall energy consumption of total conventional seasonal heating and cooling consumption of a building. Supporting of this intention, the paper gives a variant solution of an easily prefabricated reinforced concrete roof system of shallow water pool that works on the principle of passive solar energy capture.


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