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Feedback Expectancy and EFL Learners’ Achievement in English

Keywords: feedback , feedback expectancy , language proficiency

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This study aims to explore the relationship between feedback expectancy of Iranian learners of English and their level of education, achievement in English, and attitude toward peer and teacher feedback. To fulfill the purpose of this study, a sixty-item questionnaire focusing on issues related to feedback expectancy, peer feedback, teacher feedback, and cultural factors was developed. 533 junior and high school students participated in the study. The results showed that (1) feedback expectancy in higher levels of education is stronger; (2) a positive and moderate correlation exists between feedback expectancy and learners’ English achievements; high achievers of English expect more feedback; (3) feedback received from teachers is more expected than from peers; (4) female learners sought more feedback from their peers and teachers than male learners. As providing language learners with clear feedback plays a crucial role in developing learners’ language abilities and helping them direct their learning, this study suggests language program developers and teachers to motivate learners to seek feedback from several sources.


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