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Joint redundant motion vector and intra macroblock refreshment for video transmission

Keywords: H.264/AVC , error resilience , end-to-end distortion , intra refreshment , redundant motion vector

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This paper proposes a scheme for error-resilient transmission of videos which jointly uses intra macroblock refreshment and redundant motion vector. The selection of using intra refreshment or redundant motion vector is determined by the rate-distortion optimization procedure. The end-to-end distortion is used for the rate-distortion optimization, which can be easily calculated with the recursive optimal per-pixel estimate (ROPE) method. Simulation results show that the proposed method outperforms both the intra refreshment approach and redundant motion vector approach significantly, when the two approaches are deployed separately. Specifically, for the Foreman sequence, the average PSNR of the proposed approach can be 1.12 dB higher than that of the intra refreshment approach and 5 dB higher than that of the redundant motion vector approach.


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