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4D Near-Field Source Localization Using Cumulant

DOI: 10.1155/2007/17820

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This paper proposes a new cumulant-based algorithm to jointly estimate four-dimensional (4D) source parameters of multiple near-field narrowband sources. Firstly, this approach proposes a new cross-array, and constructs five high-dimensional Toeplitz matrices using the fourth-order cumulants of some properly chosen sensor outputs; secondly, it forms a parallel factor (PARAFAC) model in the cumulant domain using these matrices, and analyzes the unique low-rank decomposition of this model; thirdly, it jointly estimates the frequency, two-dimensional (2D) directions-of-arrival (DOAs), and range of each near-field source from the matrices via the low-rank three-way array (TWA) decomposition. In comparison with some available methods, the proposed algorithm, which efficiently makes use of the array aperture, can localize N 3 sources using N sensors. In addition, it requires neither pairing parameters nor multidimensional search. Simulation results are presented to validate the performance of the proposed method.


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