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Transmission scheduling for wireless mesh networks with temporal reuse

Keywords: Scheduling , temporal reuse , cross-layer optimisation , link-assignment , rate region

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Link-assigned transmission schedules with timeslot reuse by multiple links in both the space and time domains are investigated in this study for stationary multihop wireless mesh networks with both rate and power adaptivity. Specifically, cross-layer optimised schedules with proportionally fair end-to-end flow rates and network coding capability are constructed for networks operating under the physical interference model with single-path minimum hop routing. Extending transmission rights in a link-assigned schedule allows for network coding and temporal reuse, which increases timeslot usage efficiency when a scheduled link experiences packet depletion. The schedules that suffer from packet depletion are characterised, and a generic temporal reuse-aware achievable rate region is derived. Extensive computational experiments show improved schedule capacity, quality of service, power efficiency and benefit from network coding accrued with schedules optimised in the proposed temporal reuse-aware convex rate region.


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