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Population Fluctuations of Cabbage Aphid (Brevicoryne brassicae) and Identification of its Natural Enemies in Sistan Region

Keywords: Cabbage Aphid ( Brevicoryne brassicae ) , Natural enemies , Population fluctuation.

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Four different species of aphids belonging to the Aphididae family in four genera were collected and identified in Rape-seed fields in Sistan region during 2000-2001. Among them, Brevicoryne brassicae (Cabbage aphid) was the dominant species with an abundance of about 89% in area. The population fluctuation of Brevicoryne brassicae was studied simultaneously on fields in Sistan region (Zahak research station and her around fields). The research was conducted on a half hectare of each farm. Thirty leaves from each field at week intervals were randomly picked up and the aphids were collected and identified at the species level. The Brevicoryne brassicae had a peak of activity in early mid March to April at temperature and R.H. ranging between 22-28oC and 45-65 R.H., respectively. Controlled conditions indicated that the Brevicoryne brassicae has a life cycle of 6-7 days and adult female longevity is 20-31 days (25±2 oC and 75±5 R.H.). Rearing study also revealed that this species has the ability to reproduce up to 18-98 nymphs under laboratory conditions and an apterous female gives birth to 22-93 nymphs in her life time. Samplings for recognition of predators and parasitoids were also taken at 3-day intervals. Natural enemies in fields during the two years were identified to be 5 coccinellid (Col:Coccinellidae), 4 syrphid(Dip:Syrphidae) and 2 chrysopid species (Neu:Chrysopidae). Also in Hymenoptera, 2 parasitoids (Hym: Aphidiidae & Pteromalidae) were determined.


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