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Incarcerated Gastro-thorax: a rare and delayed presentation of diaphragmatic injury due to multiple stab wounds.

Keywords: diaphragmatic , gastro-thorax , emergency

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Diaphragmatic injuries due to thoraco-abdominal penetrating trauma may often go unnoticed at the initial admission, especially in patients who are asymptomatic, with stable hemodynamic and respiratory parameters. Such occult diaphragmatic perforations can result in latent morbidity and mortality due to delayed trans-diaphragmatic herniation of the abdominal viscera leading to incarceration, strangulation and perforation. Here we report a case of an initially asymptomatic patient who had sustained multiple truncal stab injuries and presented two months later with a trans-thoracic incarceration of the stomach which was accurately diagnosed and successfully repaired at the time of surgery .This case report highlights the importance of exploring thoraco-abdominal penetrating injuries even in the absence initial clinical and radiological signs, so as to promptly identify occult and isolated diaphragmatic perforations and prevent delayed catastrophes. The clinical features, radiological findings, diagnostic difficulties and surgical options are discussed along with review of relevant literature.


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