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The Effect of Abdominal Acupuncture Combined with TDP for Stomachache Caused by Cold of 48 Patients

DOI: 10.12677/TCM.2013.21002, PP. 7-9

Keywords: 腹针;腹四关穴[2];红外线治疗仪(TDP);寒性胃脘痛
Abdominal Acupuncture
, Abdominal Four Acupuncture Points[2], Infrared Therapy Apparatus (TDP), Stomach Ache Caused by Cold

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Objective: To analyze the curative effect of abdominal acupuncture (Abdominal four acupuncture points) combined with infrared therapy apparatus (TDP) for stomachache caused by cold[1]. Methods: A before-after control experimental study in the same individuals was conducted. The recruited subjects who met the inclusion criteria were randomly allocated to the group of abdominal acupuncture combined with infrared therapy apparatus, and to analyze the efficacy. Results: Totally 48 cases were recruited in the study, in which 25 were recovered, and 20 were improvement, only 3 were ineffective. The totally efficiency was 93%. Conclusion: The effectiveness of abdominal acupuncture com- bined with infrared therapy apparatus for stomachache caused by cold is significant.


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