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The face without man On human identities in postmodern era and on the metamorphoses of the subject

Keywords: personal and impersonal identities , virtual realities , deconstruction , humanity , Mass Media

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Fragmentation of the conceived or imagined reality, perceptive and emotional fragmentation, collages and puzzles of experience pieces: this is the substance of our lives. Some fragments are in harmony and resonance with each other, some others are in conflict or in contradiction. The existence, even the inner existence, became for most of us, extremely heterogeneous, tensed; hard to handle and to bear. We cannot assimilate ourselves well. We cannot gather our being into a unitary image, into a single man, with a unique identity. The individual doesn’t fit us, no more, or we are the misfits, we overpass its essential features. The individual is a procrustean bed for our minds and beings. We stated to brim over. We became collage-people generating faces, once in a while. A face is not an identity but an exchange coin, a vehicle, a transitory state. Between who and who? Between who and what?What is a face and what remains of an individual if, beyond this face or faces, we have no idea what the human kind is? How is the subject related to the individual? Is the ego its only center of gravity?Where we started from? Have we ever been totally, completely human? Or our presumed essence of humanity has always been a collective fiction, a mutual ideal of the species? I will try to explore these issues by following three levels / dimensions of human interferences existing in the actual world: the internet, the media and the social institutions. I will also discuss different types of addiction, dependence and imprisonment that people are submitted to within postmodern societies.


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