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Constructive Cultural Blocks of Entrepreneurship in the Republic of Macedonia (The Influence of Culture’s Value on Entrepreneurship)

Keywords: entrepreneurial culture , value systems , cultural norms , cultural customs , education system , Macedonia

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Conditions in the economic, political, legal, social and cultural system of a country are not independent from each other; on the contrary they are in constant mutual interaction. This interaction shapes the beliefs, norms and values in the country as cultural characteristics that define its national culture. Each country has its own culture, as a specific cultural model accepted by the people, and it is passed from generation to generation. The evolution of all these factors has a direct implication of the business within the country, region or the world. According to Hofstade Geert, culture is the collective programming of opinion that distinguishes members of one group from another. Culture includes systems of values, and values are one of the constructive blocks of culture. Every person is "mind programmed" mostly during childhood, before adolescence. This stage of human life is known for its great capacity to absorb information from the environment: people and material environment. Today, the process of one’s absorbing information throughout one’s life is known as learning. This process as part of the social reality has influence on shaping a person, group and society at large.This paper focuses on the value dimensions of entrepreneurial culture and discusses the impact of cultures’ value systems on entrepreneurship. The main emphasis is on the impact of cultural norms and customs, religion and education system on entrepreneurship. The education system in the Republic of Macedonia and its impact on entrepreneurial culture will be discussed in details, hence conducting survey to analyze the views and opinions of studentsgraduates. The aim of the paper is to show that different cultural values affect the level of entrepreneurial culture. Education is a value that can lead to a positive change, and indirectly can change the culture that will promote and support the entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial culture.


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