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Optimal Multiuser MIMO Linear Precoding with LMMSE Receiver

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The adoption of multiple antennas both at the transmitter and the receiver will explore additional spatial resources to provide substantial gain in system throughput with the spatial division multiple access (SDMA) technique. Optimal multiuser MIMO linear precoding is considered as a key issue in the area of multiuser MIMO research. The challenge in such multiuser system is designing the precoding vector to maximize the system capacity. An optimal multiuser MIMO linear precoding scheme with LMMSE detection based on particle swarm optimization is proposed in this paper. The proposed scheme aims to maximize the system capacity of multiuser MIMO system with linear precoding and linear detection. This paper explores a simplified function to solve the optimal problem. With the adoption of particle swarm optimization algorithm, the optimal linear precoding vector could be easily searched according to the simplified function. The proposed scheme provides significant performance improvement comparing to the multiuser MIMO linear precoding scheme based on channel block diagonalization method.


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