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Hidden node aware routing method using high-sensitive sensing device for multi-hop wireless mesh network

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Throughput maximization is one of the main challenges in multi-hop wireless mesh network (WMN). Throughput of the multi-hop WMN network seriously degrades due to the presence of the hidden node. In order to avoid this problem, we use a combination of the high-sensitive sensing function and beacon signalling at the routing. The purpose of this sensing function is used to avoid the hidden node during route formation in the self flow. This function is considered to construct a route from the source node to the destination node without any hidden node. In the proposed method, high-sensitive sensing device is utilized in both route selection and in the media access. The accuracy of our proposed method is verified by numerical analysis and by computer simulations. Simulation results show that our proposed method improves the network performance compared with the conventional systems which do not take account of the hidden node.


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