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Global User-Connected System Based on A-GPS

DOI: 10.12677/AIRR.2013.21002, PP. 10-15

Keywords: A-GPS;用户连通系统;关联关系;群社区
Assisted Global Positioning System (A-GPS)
, Global User-Connected System, Associated Relationship, Group Community

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This paper presents the design framework of a kind of global user-connected system based on an assisted global positioning system (A-GPS) after introduced its purpose and meanings. In this system, a Server/Client model is selected, which uses a three-leveled server subsystem based on Internet and many intelligent user terminals based on local network/wireless communication. In order to implement this system effectively, several key researching tech-niques is presented. To understand this system deeply, this system has been analyzed in function and structure. In the end, its main features can be discovered by a simple example.


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