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Anekantvada, Post-structuralism and Multiculturalism

Keywords: Anekanta , Jainism , plurality , multiperspectivism , relativism

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The basic principles of Anekanta, multiculturalism, and poststructuralism profess many-sidedness and respect for plurality. But it does not mean that anything and everything should be welcome. Perverse actions cannot be welcome but they can be understood and modified. With understanding, transformations do happen. ‘Everything’ does not include ‘perverted’ and ‘sick’ notions. It is but pragmatic to have certain social standards even though one should be free in one’s mind as it helps one run the society smoothly. Not everyone is of the same level. A standard social blue print helps them identify things better. One cannot dismiss them on the grounds of manysidedness. On the contrary, what should be stressed is the point that one should not blindly and rigidly follow the set standards. Always, there should be the freedom and flexibility to cut through the set norms if it does not facilitate the promotion of justice.


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