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Kinematical Analysis of Under-Arm Throwing Techniques in Cricket at 450 Throwing Angle with 1120 and 450 Approach of 10 Meter Distance

Keywords: kinematics , approach angle , wind-up , late-cocking , acceleration

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For the purpose of the study ten male intervarsity cricket players were selected as the subjects. The purpose of this study is to analyze the kinematic variables of underarm throwing technique in cricket (ball velocity, accuracy, and segmental angular variables). Thrower performed under-arm throwing technique with 1120 and 450 approach angle at 450 throwing angle of 10m distance. The mean age, height and body weight of the subjects were reported as 20.60 ± 2.91 years, 170.80 ± 4.02 cm and 60.80 ± 5.14 kg respectively. Canon Legria SF-10 Camcorders were used to record throwing movement, functioning at 120 Hz. The Silicon Coach Pro7 motion analysis software was used to analyze the identified clips. The result of study revealed that there is insignificant difference between ball velocity and accuracy.


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