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Study on Iteration Reproduction Control of Single-axis Electro-hydraulic Angular Vibration Table

DOI: 10.12677/IJM.2012.12003, PP. 13-19

Keywords: 三状态控制, 频响函数估计, 随机复现振动算法
three variables controller
, frequency response estimator, random vibration iteration control algorithm

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Hydraulic angular vibration table is a kind of complex and non-linear system. Applying traditional controller to the angular vibration system, it is difficult to make the control performance to a high level. Aiming at the demand of high frequency response for the random vibration system, this paper built up the mathematical model of hydraulic motor controlled by valves, and according to the principle of pole assignment, this paper designed the three variables controller for the electro-hydraulic servo angular vibration table, which can extend the system bandwidth. This paper proposes the random vibration composite iteration control algorithm based on the frequency response estimator using self-adapting filter. The control precision of the different frequency response estimators was analyzed. Comparing simulation with experiment, the results show that three variables controller is favorable to improve system’s frequency response and the frequency response estimator using self-adapting filter is accurate for random vibration replication control.


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