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Keywords: Topical drug delivery , percutaneus permeation , adhesive , penetration enhancers , proliposomes , transfersomes , magnetophoresis.

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Transdermal drug delivery is another system which provides controlled and continuous delivery of the drug through the skin into the systemic circulation. Topical application which involves drug transport to viable epidermal and/or dermal tissues of the skin for local therapeutic effect while a very major fraction of drug is transported into the systemic blood circulation. Transdermal route provides many advantages over conventional oral and invasive methods of drug delivery such as avoids first pass metabolism, improve patient compliance, maintance steady state plasma concentration. This article provides an overview of skin permeation pathways, types of transdermal drug delivery system, methods of preparation with different methods of evaluation, and the recent advancement in transdermal drug delivery, which includes Transfersomes, Magnetophoresis, Controlled Heat Aided Drug Delivery System, Laser Radiation, Medicated Tattoos, Laser radiation.


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