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Devonian stratigraphy in Estonia: current state and problems

DOI: 10.3176/earth.2012.1.03

Keywords: Devonian , biozones , regional stratigraphy , correlations , Estonia.

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An updated version of the Devonian stratigraphical chart of Estonia with comments is presented. Estonian regional stratigraphical units are correlated with the standard conodont zonation and miospore zonation, used in the western part of the East European Platform. The fossil fish zonations, largely accepted in the Main Devonian Field, are discussed. Differences in the position of series and stage boundaries and age determination of regional units in the Baltic area, Belarus and NW Russia are dealt with. Two key markers for the correlation of the Middle Devonian of the Baltic area and Scotland, based mainly on placoderms, are described. Special attention is paid to occurrences of inarticulate brachiopods and finds of rare articulate brachiopods in siliciclastic rocks of the Baltic area, indicating their marine origin.


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