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Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Three Pixels Color Co-Occurrence Matrix

DOI: 10.12677/CSA.2012.22016, PP. 84-89

Keywords: 图像检索;灰度共生矩阵;Lab颜色空间;三像素彩色共生矩阵
Image Retrieval
, Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix, Lab Color Space, Three Pixels Color Co-Occurrence Matrix

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A new color descriptor, namely three pixels color co-occurrence matrix, is proposed in this paper. It imple- ments content-based image retrieval via representing the spatial correlation of the same three pixels. The proposed de- scriptor first converts color image from RGB color space to Lab color space. The original color image is then quantized into 90 colors and co-occurrence matrix used for image analysis. Finally, 90-dimensional vector is adopted to describe image features. Image retrieval experimental results shown that the performances of the proposed descriptor are better than that of gray level co-occurrence matrix and MPEG-7 color layout descriptor. It has good discriminative power of color structure distribution, and can combine the color and texture features.


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