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Research and Applications of the High-Power Thermoelectric Generation Technology

DOI: 10.12677/SE.2013.31001, PP. 1-7

Keywords: 温差发电;大功率温差发电;热电器件;中国华能集团
Thermal Electric Generation
, High-Power TEG, Thermal Electric Device, China Huaneng Group

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Thermal electric generation (TEG) is a green energy technology that it has advantages of no-vibration, environmental, no noise, small volume, and long life expectancy. This article will review its current state of development and introduce its principal as well as a new approach by the large-scale integration (LSI) for high-power devices. Using off-shelf devices, we designed, studied, and measured some specified devices. In order to address the commercial fundamentals, we proposed a solution by utilizing LSI TEG to reduce cost. This solution can breakthrough a barrier in processing cost. The article will discuss manufacturability of TEG for future commercialization in a large scale.


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