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The Exploration and Practice Based on the Teaching Mode of Mechanical Professional Practice

DOI: 10.12677/VE.2013.21003, PP. 20-23

Keywords: 机械;实践课程;教学模式;探索
, Practice Course, Teaching Modes, Exploration

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 The machinery is a traditional specialty which should reform and adjustment in some respects, such as the course teaching system and personnel training, to adapt to the new challenge on talent cultivation face the changing from “manufacturing” to “manufacturing power” in our country. Based on the status of the Independent Institute, the ideas and measures proposed in this paper are to training application personnel of mechanical by school-enterprise cooperation. The hierarchical and modular framework of practice teaching is also put forward which throughout four-year undergraduate teaching combined with the machinery con- struction of the XingZhi College. Finally the mechanical professional practice teaching modes and the implementation ideas of undergraduate application talents training are simple introduced.



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