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Determination of Cropping Pattern by Grey Fuzzy Programming Approach: A Case Study of Quchan City

Keywords: Gray programming , Gray fuzzy programming , Cropping pattern.

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In the present study, grey fuzzy programming model was used for determination of cropping pattern in central part of Quchan city. The needed data was collected from Almachigh Research Center for the year 2008. Result showed that, current cultivated area of irrigated wheat, irrigated barley and alfalfa is more than and rain-fed barley is less than the represented interval upper and lower limits, respectively. Rain-fed wheat and sugar beet was within the represented intervals. Furthermore, the grey degree of solution set from grey programming was decreased about 48 percent by applying grey fuzzy programming approach. According to the findings, it is recommended that cultivated area is decreased for irrigated wheat, irrigated barley and alfalfa and increased for the rain-fed barley.


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