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Bioprocess  2012 

Advance in Sequence Chemistry of High-Throughput DNA Sequencing by Synthesis

DOI: 10.12677/bp.2012.21001, PP. 1-6

Keywords: 生物化学;高通量DNA测序;合成测序;测序化学
, High-Throughput DNA Sequencing, DNA Sequencing-by-Synthesis, Sequencing Chemistry

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High-throughput DNA sequencing, a revolutionized technology, greatly accelerated mining data from ge- nomes rapidly and cost-efficiently, thus have a profound impact on life sciences. Sequencing chemistry is a pivotal part of high-throughput DNA sequencing, and has been developed dramatically in recently years; a number of ingenious methods of novel sequencing chemistry by synthesis have been reported. In this paper, the development of high- throughput DNA sequencing chemistry by synthesis is reviewed.


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