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Coercivity Values Enhancement by Incorporation of Magnetic Powders in Inorganic Matrix Hosts

DOI: 10.4236/njgc.2013.31001, PP. 1-5

Keywords: Magnetic Material, Nanocomposite, Xerogels, Polyaniline

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Enhancement in coercivity values of precursor powders of cobalt ferrite embedded in silica xerogel as well as polyaniline was observed using vibrating sample magnetometry. We compared the magnetic properties of pure precursor powders of ferrite cobalt prepared by coprecipitation method and those embedded in xerogel and polyaniline matrix, prepared by sol-gel and by a conventional in situ chemical oxidation polymerization, respectively. The main magnetic effect is the altered coercivity value growing two magnitude orders for the precursor powders of cobalt ferrite embedded in silica xerogel and in polyaniline. The value goes from 52 Oe to 2200 Oe and 1054 Oe for pure coprecipitated precursor powder and embedded in silica xerogel, and embedded in polyaniline, respectively, without any heat-treatment.


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