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Rhetoric and dialetics, the tribute of journalism to the Greco-Roman

Keywords: journalism , dialectics , rhetoric , controversy , argumentation

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The article draws on the concepts of rhetoric and dialectic, questioning their relationship with journalism, seeking to understand what is the contribute of dialectics to journalism. To make this approach between journalism and dialectic, we start from the idea that the techniques and methods of journalism have a memory, a story, as observed by Sousa (2008) and Karam (2009), that refer to pre-journalistic phenomena (prior to the rise of journalism as modern project). Along with rhetoric, dialectics occupied a prominent place in the Greco-Roman culture, and is considered a form of ar-gument through dialogue and confrontation of ideas. Dialectic cannot be reduced to a form of argument, since currently constitutes one of the paradigms of Western thought, so we also intend to cover its epistemological dimension, and therefore re ect on how you can think of journalism from this reference.


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