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Fuzzy δ*-Continuity and Fuzzy δ**-Continuity on Fuzzy Topology on Fuzzy Sets

DOI: 10.4236/apm.2013.31018, PP. 138-141

Keywords: Fuzzy δ*-Continuity, Fuzzy δ**-Continuity, Quasi-Neighbourhood, Fuzzy δ-Open, Quasi-Coincident

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The concept of a fuzzy topology on a fuzzy set has been introduced in [1]. The aim of this work is to introduce fuzzy δ*-continuity and fuzzy δ**-continuity in this in new situation and to show the relationships between fuzzy continuous functions where we confine our study to some of their types such as, fuzzy δ-continuity, fuzzy continuity, after presenting the definition of a fuzzy topology on a fuzzy set and giving some properties related to it.


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