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Equivalent Validity of Identification-Commitment-Inventory (HSA-ICI) (Validez del Cuestionario de Identificación y Compromiso (HSA-ICI))

Keywords: Organizational commitment , Organizational identification , Confirmatory factor analysis , Structural equation modeling , Elliptical least square solution.

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The main purpose of this study was to demonstrate the validity of the Identification-Commitment-Inventory (HSA-ICI) in two European samples (from Spain and Portugal). The ICI was proposed by Quijano and collaborators as part of the Human System Audit (HSA), a conceptual model and set of tools designed for evaluation and intervention in Human Resources Systems (HRS). The underlying factor structure of the instrument was tested with samples of Spanish (n = 625) and Portuguese (n = 520) employees - in combination and separately - working in the health care sector. Confirmatory factor analysis with a test of invariance across groups was conducted. The results show that the theoretical model fits the observed data of the general sample (χ2 = 2643.12, P = .046; RMSEA = .028; RMR = .041; GFI = .983; AGFI =. 977; CFI = .994), replicating the results of a previous study. When the samples were analysed separately, the measurement structure presented a better fit in the Spanish sample than in the Portuguese sample. The overall difference was not large - due to being influenced at the item level by some contextual aspects - but was just sufficient to obtain statistical significance (χ2Tucker-Lewis = 48.23; df = 1; P < .001). This work provides evidence supporting the use of the HSA-ICI. The implications of these results for future research are discussed.


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