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Cell Phones and Brain Tumors

Keywords: cell phone , brain tumor , meningioma , radiation

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The use of cellular (mobile) phones is widespread all over the world nowadays. Brain is the organ with the highest near-field exposure to microwaves during the use of the mobile phones. I've searched in “Science” magazine about the “cell phones and brain tumor” topics a week ago and have found only one resource which was dated back to 2001 (Cell phone lawsuits face a scientific test. Parascandola M. Science 294:1440-2, 16 Nov 2001)(10). This single source was dealing with the claims of a neurologist who diagnosed a life-threatening brain tumor and he concluded that it was caused by the cell-phone. Evidence that radiation from cell phones increases the risk of brain cancer has not fared well in the court of scientific opinion; is it acceptable in the court of law?...


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