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Creciendo en la adversidad. Una revisión del proceso de adaptación al diagnóstico de cáncer y el crecimiento postraumático (Growing through adversity. Analysis of the process of adaptation to a diagnosis of cancer and subsequent posttraumatic growth. A review)

DOI: 10.5231/psy.writ.2012.2109

Keywords: Cancer , Posttraumatic Growth , Posttraumatic Stress , Adjustment

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The aim of this paper was to examine adjustment to a diagnosis of cancer, cancer as trauma, and the posttraumatic growth process by reviewing the scientific literature. We first present Folkman & Greer's (2000) adjustment to cancer model updated by Holland (2002) and then review cancer as a possible cause of posttraumatic stress. Finally, we describe Tedeschi & Calhoun's (2004) Posttraumatic Growth construct. The review is concluded with a sample of different points of view about posttraumatic growth related to cancer, and with some suggestions about future researches.


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