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Versión Transcultural del Cuestionario de Personalidad de Zuckerman- Kuhlman (ZKPQ-50-CC) en Población Argentina (Transcultural Version of the Zuckerman Kuhlman Personality Questionnaire (ZKPQ-50-CC) in the Argentinean Population)

DOI: 10.5231/psy.writ.2012.0609

Keywords: Personality , Assessment , ZKPQ-50-CC , Validity , Reliability

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The aim of this study was to provide evidence of the validity of the ZKPQ-50-CC in the Argentinean population.The ZKPQ-50-CC is a brief personality measure to assess Zuckerman's Alternative Five-Factor Model. Thisinstrument was simultaneously developed in different countries and languages, which makes it of special interestto cross-cultural research. The sample consisted of 895 adults selected from the general population in the city ofMar del Plata (Argentina). Psychometric analysis included dimensional validity, reliability and differences due togender and age. The results yielded a five-factor structure which was consistent with the model, acceptable degreesof internal consistency, and age and gender differences for the scales. Overall, the results were consistent with theoriginal instrument, although there were some slight differences. The findings provide evidence of the validity of theZKPQ-50-CC in a cultural context different from those in which the instrument was developed. Further psychometricresearch is needed to assess the validity of the questionnaire, such as its convergent validity, test-re-test reliability androbustness against social desirability bias.


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