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Relations between love styles and marital satisfaction

Keywords: Marital , satisfaction , love , intimacy

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Background and purpose: Love is one of the most significant predictor of marital satisfaction. The present study aimed to examine the relationship between three components of love in Sternberg’s triangular theory and maital satisfaction. Reliability and validity of the Sternberg’s love scale was also assesed in this study.Materials and Methods: A sample of 123 married individuals selected by convenient sampling method from various communities were requested to complete three quostionaires: Sternberg’s triangular love scale, marital satisfaction scale (ENRICH) and demographic questionnaire.Results: The results revealed that the Persian version of the Sternberg’s love scale is a valid and reliable scale and the three components (intimacy, passion, commitment) were also significantly related to scores of marital satisfaction. Intimacy was the strongest predictor of marital satisfaction and there was no significant difference in scores of intimacy, passion, commitment and marital satisfaction between men and women.Conclusion: Sternberg’s triangular love scale could be used together with other marital satisfaction questionnaires in marriage counseling. Intimacy score is the strongest predictor of both men’s and women’s marital satisfaction.


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