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Metphor Status About The Concept of ‘Geograpy’ of Prospective Social Science, Science and Classroom Teachers

Keywords: Geography , Prospective teachers , Metaphor , Metaphors about the concept of “geography”

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The purpose of this study is to reveal the perceptions of prospective elemantary Social Science, Science and Classroom Teachers who will educate the students at elemantary school, by the help of metaphors about geography. Total of 357 senior students from Ahi Evran University College of Education, Social ScienceTeachers Department (Men – 62/Women –69) Science Teachers Department ( Men – 62, Women- 53 ) and Clarsroom Teachers Department (Men – 57 , Women – 54 ) , joined this study. Datas of the research are based on that students completed the sentence: “Geography is as.................because ....................”. Datas which are gained , are commented in terms of content analysis technique . The results of this research show that 33% (per cent) of students thougt the concept of “geography” as source of life, 23,2% of students thought it as the area of life , 8.1% of students thought it as leading and to find directions and 7.5% of students thought that geography shelters the different branches in. So it is found that 56% of the prospective teachers relate geography with life.


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