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A Bibliometric Analysis on the Literature of Information Organization in Taiwan

Keywords: Bibliometrics , Information Organization , Classification and Cataloging , Literature Growth , Bradford's Law

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The purpose of this study is to explore the characteristics of the literature on information organization in Taiwan. A total of 610 articles from 1882 to 2008 and 113 theses and dissertations from 1971 to 2008 were identified and analyzed. The growth of literature, research subjects, author productivity, the distribution of journals and organizations are addressed. The results of this study reveal that the journal articles in Taiwan had been up-growing except after 2003, but the theses and dissertations had been growing stably. The major research subject of journal articles is classification theory and descriptive cataloging, but the theses and dissertations are knowledge organization. The zone analysis from Bradford’s law is not applicable to journal productivity. Productivity is mainly focused on single author and toward coauthor. The Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences is the major journal that publishes information organization articles. The National Taiwan University is the most productive schools of theses and dissertations, but various schools have their characteristics of research subjects. [Article content in Chinese]


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