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Anti-site Defects in YAG and LuAG Crystals

DOI: 10.3724/sp.j.1077.2010.00785

Keywords: antisite defects, nonstoichoimetry, traps, scitillation performance

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YAG is not only one of the most important solid laser crystals, but also a promising scintillation material. Since it comes out, the studies of defects in YAG crystal have played key roles on the improvement and development of crystal properties. As a special kind of defect in the YAG and LuAG crystals, anti-site defects exert crucial influence on the carrier transportation and other properties. In this paper, the type and the origin of the anti-site defects in the YAG and LuAG crystals, as well as the mechanism of their effects on the crystal properties are described. Also, how to detect and inhibit the anti-site defects in the YAG and LuAG crystals are discussed.


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