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Genetic variability studies in Gossypium barbadense L. genotypes for seed cotton yield and its yield components

Keywords: Gossypium barbadense , genetic variability , heritability , genetic advance , lint index , selection criteria

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A study was carried out during kharif 2006-07 with twenty five Gossypium barbadense L genotypes to obtain information ongenetic variability, heritability and genetic advance for seed cotton yield and its yield attributes. Significant differences wereobserved for characters among genotypes. High genetic differences were recorded for nodes/plant, sympodia, bolls as well asfruiting points per plant, seed cotton yield, lint index indicating ample scope for genetic improvement of these charactersthrough selection. Results also revealed high heritability coupled with high genetic advance for yield and most of the yieldcomponents as well as fibre quality traits. Sympodia/plant, fruiting point /plant, number of nodes/plant, number of bolls perplant, and lint index were positively correlated with seed cotton yield per plant and appeared to be interrelated with eachother. It is suggested that these characters could be considered as selection criteria in improving the seed cotton yield of G.barbadense, L genotypes.


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