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Newspaper of Irade-i Milliye in National Struggle Period

Keywords: Sivas , rade-i Milliye , National Struggle

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The journal of “ rade-i Milliye” has been published as 16 editions during 8th of September and 13th of December in 1919 in which Heyet-i Temsiliye has been continuing its activities in Sivas. In Ankara, Hakimiyet-i Milliye that was the publishing means of Heyet-i Temsiliye has joined into the world of broadcasting in 10th of January in 1920. Between the these two time periods rade-i Milliye has published four more editions. Two days after the publication of Hakimiyet-i Milliye (12th of January 1920) 20th edition of rade-i Milliye has been broadcasted. The new publishing means of National Struggle has kept the national identification of rade-i Milliye journal until the publication of Hakimiyeti Milliye journal in 10th of January 1920.The subject of this study consist of the evaluating the first 20 editions of rade-i Milliye journal.


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