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Induced genetic variability and correlation studies for yield and its component traits in Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Keywords: Groundnut , variability , chemical and physical mutagen

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Groundnut is one of the principal economic oilseed crops of the world, which has been exposed extensively to mutagenictreatments for induction of genetic variability. In the present experiment, estimates of genetic variability, heritability and geneticadvance were assessed for 12 different quantitative traits in the mutants derived from two Spanish Bunch groundnut cultivars, viz.TPG-41 and GPBD-4 with chemical and physical mutagenic agents. Wide genetic variations were observed for most of thequantitative traits studied as evidenced by higher mean, range, PCV and GCV values. Further genetic improvement throughselection for yield improvement should rely on number of primary branches per plant, 100-kernel weight, SMK% and shellingper cent as these mutants recorded higher genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance for these quantitative traits. Podyield was positively and significantly associated with number of primary branches, pod weight per plant, 100-kernel weight,sound matured per cent kernel and oil yield. These results clearly indicate that idirect selection for yield in groundnut is possiblethrough simultaneous improvement of these yield components


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