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The Armenian Diaspora and the Need for the “Other”

Keywords: Armenian Diaspora , dentity , Political Psychology , Defense Mechanisms

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The Armenian diaspora is one of the most dispersed communities in the world. Contrary to the dispersed population the Armenian diaspora continues to thrive as a strong ethnic identity. This could be linked to the presence of an enemy “Turk” image in which all bad images are projected. This is due to the need to have “enemies” for sustaining the identity and in-group cohesion. In the context of the Armenian diaspora the concept of “other” has become a reason for existence that legitimizes the victim identity rather than a simple need. The collective memory that is created by the need for an enemy and “other” is then intergenerationally transmitted while evolving to a different story. Youth, who are raised with feelings of enmity can pose a threat for the future of the Turkish-Armenian relations.


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