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Combating Cancer With Tumor Immunotherapy

Keywords: Cancer , Surveillance , Co-receptors , TATA , TSTA , CEA , AFP , ULBP , MIC , NKT , VEGF

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Cancer is a worldwide health problem. Cancer immunotherapy can be studied in two categories: cancer vaccines and induction of immune response against specific antigens. For studying it in a better way to combat cancer, we should look it from the respective angles of immune system’s components. For combating cancer, we should look into the roles of innate cells, antibodies, T cells, NK cells, macrophages, and at last the evasion of tumor responses. From all these concepts, we can land on many immunotherapy ways like Humoral or cellular immunotherapy, Passive antibody transfer, APC activity enhancement, and the important role of monoclonal antibodies, Dendritic cells, cytokines and interferons. Still moving further using a pool of these resources, we can combat cancer in a better way.


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