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Sepsis and myocardial dysfunction

Keywords: Sepsis/complications , Shock , septic , Cardiomyopathies , Intensive care units

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Sepsis and septic shock are prevalent in the intensive care setting,accounting for more than 40% of mortality in this scenario. Theappropriate management and recognition of sepsis-inducedmyocardial dysfunction are paramount for its proper treatmentand probably impact mortality rates. The objective of this articleis to review its definition, pathophysiologic mechanisms, possibletreatments and current research on the subject according to acritical view.Cellular signaling involved in myocardial depression is not fullyunderstood. Disturbances in calcium homeostasis,cardiodepressant circulating factors, inflammatory mediators,nitric oxide and apoptosis act as synergistic pathways that leadto severely depressed cardiac function. The diagnosis ofmyocardial dysfunction during sepsis carries a worse prognosisand increased mortality.Myocardial dysfunction plays an important role in morbidity andmortality rate of critically ill patients. Current research in thisarea will continue to evolve; we will, therefore, soon have moreinsights into potential novel therapies that can change its mortalityrates.


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