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Practice of teaching in (micro)history and cinematographic language: the short-length movie as ‘another’ historical narrative in and at the place

Keywords: Practice of teaching in History. Cinema. Narrative. Short-length movies. Microhistory.

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This article has the objective to rethink concepts, contents and objectives of themes connected with the area of History through the articulation between the use of audiovisual languages – in case, the cinema – the role of the narrative and the construction of practices of teaching, all based on the studies of micro-history. We do not want to discuss only the educational and empirical potential of the technological resources inside the classrooms, but, specially, we want to understand the possible and real ways of transformation of the students, when they turn into subjects who creates new knowledges, by making short-length movies. This pedagogic tool and technological can help us think about the PCN's prerogatives, like, the increase in value of the place and of the daily life (of the pupils), the respect to the diversity and plurality, the role of the subjects in History. The proposal here presented is a result of a project carried out at the Funda o Educacional de Fernandópolis between 2009 and 2010, as works of conclusion of course developed by pupils of the degree course in History.


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