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A Comparison of Physical Activity and Nutritional Practices in Hypertensive and Non- hypertensive Pregnant Women

Keywords: Physical Activity , Nutrition , Hypertensive , Pregnant

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Introduction: Hypertension is the most common medical problem affecting pregnant women during pregnancy contributing to one third of substantial maternal mortality and varieties of fetal and neonatal health problems, while representing health status of a society. This study aimed to investigate the links between a healthy life style and developing hypertension during pregnancy in order to improve healthier behaviors.Methods: In a case-control study from October 2009 to April 2010, physical activity and nutritional practices of two groups of pregnant women (220 in each group) with gestational age of 20 weeks or more, single pregnancy, without any previous medical disorders were compared. Samples in case group had pregnancy induced hypertension. Data were collected using a two-part questionnaire after obtaining informed written consents from mothers before enrollment; later the data were analyzed using the SPSS 13 and Stata software. Results: Women in two groups did not differ regarding their socioeconomic characteristics. There were no significant differences in nutritional practices and level of physical activity in pregnant women of study groups; mean score of physical activity was 54.6±14.8 in test and 57.3±15.0 in control group (P=0.06) and it was 72.9±10.3 and 73.719.5 about nutritional habits in test and control group respectively. Mean pre-pregnancy BMI was higher in case group (P=0.02); these women also had a higher percentage of previous prenatal mortality and history of hypertension.Conclusion: Results state that health during pregnancy is relevant to healthy life style especially preconceptional period; therefore employing proper strategies to improve women knowledge and attitude of the important dimensions of healthy life considering good and healthy diet and active life seem to solve the problem; this needs to unite all health workers to set proper educational programs and courses and support of health policy makers.


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