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Hidden Web Data Extraction Using Dynamic Rule Generation

Keywords: Hidden Web , Crawler , DOM(Document Object Model) , Search Engine.

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World Wide Web is a global information medium of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via computers connected to the internet. Most of the users rely on traditional search engines to search theinformation on the web. These search engines deal with the Surface Web which is a set of Web pages directly accessible through hyperlinks and ignores a large part of the Web called Hidden Web which is hidden to present-day search engines. It lies behind search forms and this part of the web containing an almost endless amount of sources providing high quality information stored in specialized databases can be found in the depths of the WWW. A large amount of this Hidden web is structured i.e Hidden websites contain the information in the form of lists and tables. However visiting dozens of these sites and analyzing the results is very much time consuming task for user. Hence, it is desirable to build a prototype which will minimize user’s effort and give him high quality information in integrated form. This paper proposes a novel method that extracts the data records from the lists and tables of various hidden web sites of same domain using dynamic rule generation and forms a repository which is used for later searching. By searching the data from this repository, user will find the desired data at one place. It reduces the user’s effort to look at various result pages of different hidden websites.


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