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A case of solitary fibrous tumor of the pleura presented with hemoptysis

Keywords: Key words: Solitary fibrous tumor , pleura , thoracotomy

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Solitary fibrous tumors of the pleura are rare tumors thatusually have benign characteristics. These tumors areusually diagnosed in the sixth or seventh decades of lifewith equal frequency in both sexes. Chest pain, coughand dyspnea are most common complaints. In half of thepatients, the tumor is asymptomatic and usually detectedby X-ray graphics performed for another reasons. Thecomputed tomography scan of the chest is the gold standardfor diagnosis of the pleural mass due to its high sensitivityand specifity. The preoperative definitive diagnosisof PSFT is highly challenging rare clinical condition. It canbe confused with a wide range of diseases from cysts totumoral masses. The thoracotomy is necessary for definitivediagnosis and curative therapy. Complete surgicalresection provides long term survival. Here we presenteda case of PSFT about a patient who was admitted withhemoptysis, which is the least expected symptom of thedisease, and underwent thoracotomy for definitive diagnosisand curative therapy with related literature.Key words: Solitary fibrous tumor, pleura, thoracotomy


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