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An Improved Ion Chromatography Methods for Analysis of Acetic and Formic Acid Vapours

Keywords: Ion chromatography , acetic acid , formic acid , passive sampling , indoor air quality , museums environments

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Air quality monitoring for acetic and formic acid vapours inmuseum galleries and storage environments is commonlyconducted using passive sampling and ion chromatography(IC). We report development of a rapid IC method with 2 to60-fold improvement in detection limits for acetate and formate. Baseline resolution is achieved in 4.5 min using anAS11-HC anion exchange column with 4 mM NaOH eluent at1.5 mL/min flow rate. The detection limits are 12 μg/mL(0.24 ng) for acetate and 11 μg/mL (0.21 ng) for formate.The method was successfully used for air quality monitoring in a Los Angeles museum warehouse.


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