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Web Services Synchronization Health Care Application

Keywords: Web services , Synchronization , Schema changes , Healthcare .

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This With the advance of Web Services technologies and the emergence of Web Services into theinformation space, tremendous opportunities for empowering users and organizations appear in variousapplication domains including electronic commerce, travel, intelligence information gathering andanalysis, health care, digital government, etc. In fact, Web services appear to be s solution for integratingdistributed, autonomous and heterogeneous information sources. However, as Web services evolve in adynamic environment which is the Internet many changes can occur and affect them. A Web service isaffected when one or more of its associated information sources is affected by schema changes.Changes can alter the information sources contents but also their schemas which may render Web servicespartially or totally undefined. In this paper, we propose a solution for integrating information sources intoWeb services. Then we tackle the Web service synchronization problem by substituting the affectedinformation sources. Our work is illustrated with a healthcare case study.


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