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Strongly G-Preinvex Functions

Keywords: invex set , strongly G-preinvex function , G-preinvex function , strictly G-preinvex function

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The paper gives a class fo new generalized convex function-strongly G-preinvex functions, it is a true generalization of strong preinvex function. First, three, examples have been got to show that it's existence, and strongly G-preinvex function is different from G-preinvex function and strictly G-preinvex function. Then, we discuses three properties of strongly G-preinvex function. Finally, we give a sufficient condition about strongly G-preinvex function under the case that G-preinvex function,namely, Let the set * is invex set with * is satisfied with condition * is a G-preinvex function. if * have * . Then, * is a strongly G-preinvex function on K with respect to *.(* Indicates a formula, please see the full text)


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